Universal 3-in-1 Brass Hose Tap Connectors Set


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Universal 3-in-1 Brass Hose Tap Connectors Set

➡  3-in-1 Convertible Faucet Connector
✅  3-in-1 hose tap connectors, help you quickly connect the taps and hoses, suitable for 16-23mm ordinary faucet, washing machine faucet, washing pool faucet, basin faucet, and bathroom faucet, which can truly make a perfect fit, say goodbye to joint sliding, and completely solve the problem of water leakage.

➡  Quick and Easy Connector
✅ One-Handed Operation. Convenient to install with a garden hose connector. Easy Off-And-On adapter provides a tight, secure Fit, no-Leak connection. Just need several seconds to install it on your water hose end.

➡  Multi-functional Connectors
✅ Universal 3-in-1 Brass Hose Tap Connectors can be used for washing machines, washing water guns, gardening water hose and tap, water pipes, and any right size taps, an alternative method to supply water to appliances.

➡  Solid Brass Construction
✅ The most solid brass which means durability and leak-free. Standard 3/4 inch water hose quick connector fits all types of garden hoses. You can save much time using the quick connect sets install in the spigot, hose end, and nozzle.

➡  Leak-proof, Anti-off
✅ Quick Connect Garden Hose Fittings can stand up to 120kg, gives the Easy Connect Fitting continuous water flow and it’s a great tool to complete your garden accessories and water hose connect. Easy to connect and disconnect.

➡  Specifications
✅ Material: Brass
✅ Weight: 220G

➡  Package Contents
✅ 1 × Universal Connector
✅ 1 × Standard Adapter
✅ 1 × Basin Connector
✅ 1 × Water Connector

➡  Product Size

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