Bluetooth Shutter Remote


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Take Your Phone Photography To A Whole New Level

Now is the perfect time to become a creator! Capture the moment with the precision and stability of a professional camera just by adding GridPlex to your phone!

Using the comfy grip you can take stunning photos and selfies with just one hand. Add a tripod to the mix and easily record yourself from a distance using the Bluetooth remote!

GridPlex gives your phone all the benefits of a traditional camera without the unnecessary expense! Start taking shots like a pro to make every picture a memorable one!

Capture the right moment – Arm your smartphone with the convenience of a traditional camera to make every photo a professional one!

Master the selfie – The comfortable grip allows for seamless one-hand pictures. Your selfie game will go through the roof!

Shoot from a distance – Partner up GridPlex with a tripod to take flawless photos from a distance using the remote!

GridPlex is the ultimate choice – Enhance your phone with all the convenience and comfort of a traditional camera to make your pictures always look amazing!